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Earth Alive! Sustainability and the Sacred

A sustainable culture is as close as our bones. The memories of a deeply meaningful life, connected ever so deeply to the land and each other, can be remembered and reclaimed. Remembering who we really are is the crucial first step in shaking off the extremely destructive industrial worldview that lives inside our minds.

Together, we can experience a felt re-connection with Nature that expands our ability to create an Earth-honoring culture for future generations of plants, animals, and humans. Come join us as we step outside of ordinary mind and reality to experience a larger consciousness, a deeper sense of the Sacred within and without, and the magic of Being Alive in the present moment. We will gather and express our unique gifts through nature awareness, poetry, mindfulness practice, sharing circles and "joyful creation" processes. We will purify ourselves and honor Mother Earth through ceremony, and use shamanic journeying as a way to access inner wisdom and guidance. Participants will come away rejuvenated, with fresh insights and energy to create the world we know in our hearts is possible.

Note: You will be asked to provide a few paragraphs (within a week of the end of the workshop) on what you remembered that you want to pass onto future generations. This will become clearer over the course of weekend, Your words will be part of a book tentatively titled, “Remembering a Sustainable Culture,” that co-facilitator Bill Pfeiffer is writing.

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