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Calendar of Events - Ecospirituality and Sustainability Discussion Group

New 2006-07 Discussion Group in Petersham, MA to be announced.


2004 Dates and Topics:

Apr. 9 - Topic to be Announced

Mar. 26 - Children of Iraq and their perspective on the US in Iraq
Due to the current situation in Iraq, the topic of SEN's gathering is taking a slight detour. SEN will be showing a documentary film entitled "Generation of Hate" by Shelley Saywell, and facilitating a discussion of this film and current perspectives on the US in Iraq.

Mar. 12 - "Biodiesel and Other Hot Stuff on the Alternative Energy Front"
What are some promising developments in the alternative energy field? Where do things appear to be heading? Where is the connection with eco-spirituality? Come to a lively discussion at the Nacul Center in Amherst this Wednesday March 12. See www.earthfuture.com for good background info (Also, has 101 Ways to Stop the War with Iraq)

Feb. 26 - "The Four Spikes"; There are four global megaphenomena that are shaping our world.
They are at the root of what we think of as unsustainable. What are they? How did they arise? What do they point to? Where does spirituality play a role? Come to a lively discussion at the Nacul Center in Amherst this Wednesday the 26th. If you want to preview some of these ideas see the book "God's Last Offer" by Ed Ayres.

Feb. 12 - International efforts towards wilderness protection with Slide show about the Altai Mountains of Siberia and SEN's efforts towards wilderness protection there

Jan. 22 - Thomas Berry and the "New Story of the Universe"

Jan. 8 - Overview. Why this theme? What is the connection between ecospirituality and sustainability? Looking forward to seeing you! Brave the snow!

Mark your calendar:
More dates with topics to be announced: Apr. 9, Apr. 23, May 14, May 28

Overview of this Series:

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month beginning January 8 and continuing through May 2003, the Sacred Earth Network will offer and facilitate discussions on a variety of Ecospirituality and Sustainability related topics

We are interested in sharing with our local community the issues that Sacred Earth Network is informed and enthusiastic about. We will also provide a safe and consistent venue for people to share their thoughts and feelings about what is currently happening in our world. Despite all the disheartening headlines, there are wonderful developments happening all over the globe that need to be shared.

Potential topics: "Indigenous Wisdom East and West", "Thomas Berry and the New Story of the Universe","The Majestic Altai Mountains of Siberia", "Biodiesel and Other Hot Stuff on the Alternative Energy Front", "Spiritual Ecology", "Russia's Environmental Movement"...and many others. Occasionally, an experiential component will be offered depending on the topic.

Bring your heart and soul, your good ideas, and your passion for a sustainable future.

Where: The Nacul Center, 592 Main Street (renovated church at N. Whitney) Amherst MA
When: 7-9pm
Cost: Donation
Fuel: Refreshments

Call Bill Pfeiffer @ 413-253-6998 if you have any questions. --

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