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2007 Grants


2007 Grants

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Small Grants Program

2007 Grants:

Thanks to the Save Our Spirits Fund and several other private donors, in 2007 SEN was able to give away a series of small grants ($200-$1000) totaling over $7000. These grants encourage those usually outside of mainstream funding channels to continue their valuable work. They have all been involved in SEN's projects. 2007 grantees in the order given were:

Elizabeth Babin, is a Canadian Ojibway grandmother and medicine woman, who narrowly missed the Indigenous Peoples Exchange (IPE) in June of 2006.

Maria Amanchina is a Siberian Altai shaman. She uses solar panels to provide lighting to the house she built herself.

Steve Copeland is creating a film called the "Shift of the Ages" about the life and mission of Guatemalan Mayan elder Don Alejandro.

Erjen Khamaganova is a Buryat ecologist working on sacred site protection/restoration. She is also one of the two main partners SEN works with in Siberia.

Danil Mamyev is the other main SEN partner in Siberia and has been featured in numerous SEN newsletters.

Benjamin Jojola from Isleta Pueblo has been a leader on three IPE Exchanges.

Valery Yelizarov is a Tuvan artist who paints shamanic themes with outstanding sensitivity and insight. See http://yelizarov.ru/

Bogdan Popov is a permaculturist focusing on traditional Ukrainian building methods.

Tatyana Kobezhikova is an Hakassian shaman. One of her many projects is restoration of traditional Hakassian culture through the creation of an "eco-ethnological" village.

The Mowa brothers living on Hopiland's Second Mesa are working tirelessly to keep the traditional ceremonies alive.

Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez and Oxlaj Elizabeth Araujo are well-known Mayan elders. Don Alejandro is recognized as a primary keeper of the teachings, visions and prophecies of the Mayan people.

Ruslana and Galina Toptigina are a mother and daughter team protecting cultural and biological diversity through the indigenous Nature Park, Chu-Oozy in Siberia, that they founded in 2001.

Leon Secatero was a well-known Navajo elder (Canoncito Band).  He passed on in 2008.

Mikhail Shishin has been working with SEN since 1994. The grant will support the organization of a gathering of professors and students of eco-design and architecture from all four countries of the Altai region.

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