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Nature-Based Experiential Education

North Americans appear to be lost in a trance of popular culture and consumerism that ignores the sacredness of Nature and the critical issues of the day. "Economic interests" completely disregard disappearing species, climate change, radioactive waste, and the whole plethora of threats to the biological foundation of Planet Earth. Correspondingly, a certain socialized numbness, denial, and resignation can plague even the most active among us.

Medicine is needed. The trance is very powerful but when we gather in a sacred circle in some of the most beautiful places on Earth we come home to ourselves. We see more clearly.

SEN's experiential education activities are meant to empower those with a call to stand up for Mother Earth and inspire those newly plugging in with renewed vigor.

Every person has a different perspective and different needs. Our intent is to "hold the space" so the wisdom of the Earth can flow freely through each individual and their unique intelligence can shine forth.

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