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Cathy Pedevillano is a shamanic healer and teacher who leads workshops and trainings in shamanism. She has travelled to the Southwest many times where she has led vision quests, healing journeys, indigenous peoples exchanges and works with native elders. Cathy is a skilled and compassionate facilitator who brings her love of the Earth and passion for healing and transformation into her work. She is also an environmental activist/educator and wildlife biologist. Cathy is committed to serving humanity and the planet through the revival of ancient shamanic practices and an Earth-honoring world view. For more about Cathy and her work, see her website www.heartofshamanism.com

Bill Pfeiffer is Sacred Earth Network's (SEN's) founder and former director. SEN has been implementing leading edge visions for almost 20 years. Bill has made Russia a "second home" having traveled there 39 times in the last 15 years--giving him a rare cross-cultural perspective. He has 20 years of experience in re-evaluation counseling and Vipassana meditation, and has undergone extensive training with Siberian shamans as well as with Joanna Macy and John Perkins. He has also spent much time in the US Southwest learning about Native medicine ways and the crucial importance of the petroglyphs and pictographs.

Bill brings to all his work a dynamic mixture of open heartedness, sensitivity, and a fierce determination for a peaceful, sustainable future.



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