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Do you want to connect more deeply with other people and the natural world?

Do you desire time and space to be with what you really feel?
Do you wish to infuse more passion and meaning into your life?

Do you want help in knowing your unique part in creating a "new dream" on Planet Earth?

Do you want to spend more time in your heart and less in your head?

Are you a seasoned activist seeking renewal?


Our experiential based workshops include processes that allow participants to spend time connecting with the land and with one another in unique and powerful ways. This is done within the context of what it means to be alive on this planet at this crucial time in human history. We encourage participants to embrace their own wisdom, feel their feelings and intuition, and move back into their lives from a place of empowerment to act in the world from the heart. There is always fun, song, and laughter!

We offer three slightly different workshops:

      1.  Healing Self, Healing Earth

      2.  Earth Alive! Sustainability and the Sacred

      3.  WOW! Community Program (with Dream Change)

All workshops aim to:

-Expand consciousness

-Develop and strengthen community

-Hone intuitive and transformational approaches derived from indigenous wisdom

-Support sustainable shifts in lifestyle

-Cultivate a sense of wakefulness and “groundedness” in a rapidly changing environment

-Provide a sense of greater personal power and ability to “make a difference”

-Reconnect participants to Nature and place.


Our workshops and seminars are held outdoors whenever possible.

Please see dates and locations here.

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