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In Memory of Leon Secatero

Grandfather Leon Secatero, Headman, Canoncito Band of Navajo,
SEN Advisor, Passes Sunday, September 28, 2008

Leon Secatero

We pray to you with our ta'dadiin

To honor you and your lifelong legacy

Your heart is the beating drum that connects us to

our sacred songs

our mother earth

and our father sky.

Your visions resemble a mighty eagle that oversees

the well being of our people.

Your strength is a great bear that keeps us alive

and together

Your wisdom enlightens us like a sacred turtle

that can endure hardships.

Your stories are beautiful rugs that our

grandmothers weave together to instill our Navajo identity.

Your leadership is the spear staff that inspires us to

lead our children to attain an education.

Your gift of knowledge will never be forgotten.

You have given us your prayers of hope among our people,

As we retrace our footsteps... we can someday

reconnect our families to our ancestral homelands.

You have created a beauty way path for us to follow.

This poem is for you, shi'zhe'e

As you continue on with your journey

To be with your mother, those in the spirit world, and our holy ones.

We will miss you.

Si'ah naaghai bik'eh hozhoon

Hozho nahasdlii'

Hozho nahasdlii'

Hozho nahasdlii'

Hozho nahasdlii'

Shawn Secatero (one of Leon's sons)

Click here for Leon's obituary from the Navajo Times.


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