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We offer three trips to 3 very different, powerful parts of the world:

1. The Altai Mountains of Siberia

2. The Four Corners Region of the US Southwest

3. Mayan Guatemala ( Central America)  (details soon)

Join us as we explore this sacred Earth together!

"…the whole experience in Siberia was somehow magical and transformative.  The best part for me was the bond that was made with my sons, as well as with the other wonderful souls who accompanied us.  I never would have thought that we would go on a journey like this, but now I am almost ready for the next one."       -Lucian Kragiel, home builder


These are not ordinary tours, but full scale immersions in the land and local culture. The combined influences  of  wilderness areas, sacred sites, and visits with Native Peoples help us reconnect, rejuvenate, and expand our hearts and minds. We do this not only for ourselves but for future generations. In fact, at the end of every expedition we ask ourselves  "how has this adventure into inner and outer Nature better prepared me to assist the well being of future generations of plants, animals, and humans (in my own unique way)? "

In a spirit of joy and reverence we meet with indigenous peoples on their territory, open to what  they and the land are saying. Sometimes this involves ceremony, other times it's just listening in circle or gazing at a spectacular vista, but always it's about growth and learning new ways to see the world. As we travel together, we form a small community, sharing insights regularly, but also giving everyone a chance to rest, enjoy, contemplate, and just be.

Group size can range from 6 to 12 people.  Most trips last between 7 and 20 days and are led by a skilled group leader or leaders from Sacred Earth Network. It is possible to combine  participation in a SEN expedition with further travel to adjacent regions. We can help you arrange that if you wish.


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